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Fledgling Career – This is where it all begins. You’re on your way to being a pilot

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Here is a classic example of a game that has come straight out of left field and smack dab into my gaming rotation.  Out of the wild blue yonder comes Microsoft Flight.  I remember first hearing about this game several months ago.  I did not may it much mind other than that this seemed to be the product that was taking the place Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X.  As I have not been much for flight sims or PC games in general previously I did not follow this game’s development other than that until I read a tweet that announced that Microsoft Flight was available…and that it was free for download.  Suddenly I got to thinking about it.

Fly the friendly skies!

I have a friend who is a big fan of Flight Sim X, so I told him that Flight was out and free for download.  He tried it, liked it, and advised I should try it.  He said it leaned away from the sim-based flight games in favour of accessibility.  Based on that I thought I would give it a download, but not before cleaning up my hard-drive in order to make room.

What I found was a very enjoyable flight sim.  The game eases you into it and doesn’t force any of the heavy technical flying issues on you, it just wants you to fly and have fun.  Another big draw was that I am able to use my Xbox 360 controller and earn achievements as well.  Two big checks for me when it comes to PC gaming.


The game includes two planes and the large Hawaiian Island with the ability to expand the fly space to the entire group of Hawaiian islands as well additional planes.  I have been enjoying the game so much that I went ahead and invested in the expansion which included all the Islands as well as a cool new plane.  I put in a solid couple of hours today flying around the islands and enjoying my favourite game activity, searching for Aerocaches.  These icons are hidden around the island and you can collect them for experience points which level-up your pilot so unlocks can be earned.  There are other activities as well, but so far it has been all about the Aerocaches!

This game is a looker as well, unfortunately my laptop does not have the horsepower to run the game at its highest settings.  It is still enjoyable at lower settings so this for me is not a game breaker.

I am interested to see what the future holds for this game.  The challenges are updated daily and I can imagine future flight areas and plans will be available for purchase.  I recommend if you have a PC, a 360 controller, and just want to try something a little different, give Microsoft Flight a try.  It is free to play, so what have you got to lose?  Well…time most likely, as once you start Flight, it is hard to put down.

Welcome to Microsoft Flight from the Microsoft Studios!



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