Give Us The Gears – Gears of War: Know Your Enemy, Part I

Those who are regular visitors to the Haunted House may already recognize this Gears of War feature as it has appeared in a different form previously in my blog entries.  But what I am currently doing is expanding on the orignal idea, it will be appearing on a regular basis for some time to follow and will be  featured at  Please feel free to visit news0r to see how my Gears of War article will be featured there and also for great video game news and views.  You may also find some bonus content or links there, so it is definitly worth your while, so without further delay, it is time to Know Your Enemy:
The Locust Horde
…these horrible enemies called the Locust Horde have come forth from the bowels of the planet and start laying waste to everything…its essentially attack of the mole-men – CliffyB discussing the emergence of the Locust Horde.
We don’t know what they are…
Most scientists believe they’re a mutated version of Sera’s native life forms.  A minority claim they are aliens.  Ask any Gear and they’ll tell you the Locust come straight from hell.
We know they live underground.  How and exactly where are impossible to determine, however, because the cavern systems in Sera’s mantle are, for all practical purposes, endless.  As a result of swelling in perpetual darkness, they have an aversion to light … one of our few advantages.  All attempts at negotiating with the Locust have failed, and all overtures of peace have been answered with violence.  The only conclusion we can draw from their actions is that they want every last man, woman, and child dead.
SUPERGHOST’s Take: The Locust Horde appears to be only motivated by one thing, the annihilation of all human life. Powerful, nearly unstoppable, Gears will need to use light to help repel the Horde (I am thinking night time will be a bit of a problem).  Even though Emergence day is still several months away, I know gamers will be in for the fight of their lives!   Just a little warning, I haven’t even begun to introduce you to the individual races of the Horde yet, but I will leave you with a one-word teaser: Frightening!
Next Week: Part II, The Drone’s


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2 Responses to Give Us The Gears – Gears of War: Know Your Enemy, Part I

  1. Aaron says:

    just figured i put something , u can t have no comments

  2. Luke says:

    Wicked article dude, I cant wait for Part 2 :D

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