Gears of War: Know Your Enemy – Part IV

“Gears of War had a great reception. We had some insane buzz at (E3)! Insane, I tell you! Establishing a new franchise in the year 2005 is very, very difficult. You’ve got to have hookers in your game. Or a plastic bag as a weapon. Or Omarion. Or all three! Gears has none of that, just some badass molemen attacking.” – CliffyB’s blog at

As CliffyB says, establishing a brand new franchise in this day and age is very difficult indeed. In a gaming climate filled with sequels and me-too games, new franchises no matter how fresh and exciting can get lost in the shuffle by the jadded public. That is why when developing a new franchise, it is important to get some help from your friends. Gears is no different, so when developing a top notch sci-fi action game, it is good to have a top-notch sci-fi writer on board to help flesh out your world. Enter writer, Eric Nylund.

Eric Nylund is an accomplished sci-fi author in his own right, penning several novels, not the least of which is his work on two of the blockbuster Halo novels, Fall of Reach and First Strike. These two novels really flesh out the universe Master Chief inhabits and I consider them to be must reads for any serious Halo fan; not just for the details on Halo’s universe, but as exciting and enjoyable entertainment. So when you are creating a game where the human race is on the precipice of extinction from an overpowering ‘alien’ race, who else are you going to call? Eric’s Bachelor degree in chemistry and Masters degree in chemical physics give him a solid scientific background to build his stories upon, obviously a very intelligent man, someone Microsoft is lucky to have in their employ. I cannot wait to see more of the world he has created along side CliffyB in Gears of War.

The Berserkers strike fear into the heart of all Gears who face them. Those who survive the encounters are never the same. This week, we feature said creature in part four of Know Your Enemy.

Gears of War: Know Your Enemy – Part IV

The Berserker

“In nature, there are many instances where the female is the uglier of the species. The Locust are a shining example of this.” –Gears of War: Destroyed Beauty

Height: 2.2 meters
Weight: 260 kilograms

Tactical: Genetic analysis reveals this to be the female version of the Drone. Uses scent and vibration to detect enemies. Slow, but can build sufficient momentum to smash through walls. With their fused fists they can obliterate armoured Gears with a single blow. Usually pissed off – hence the name. Run.


SUPERGHOST’s Take: Tactical has really offered us some good advice this week: Run. When these gargantuan monsters come a-smashing through wall and barrier, with the scent of a Gear fuelling their blood-rage I do think run is a very valid tactic. And don’t think you will be able to smooth-talk your way out of trouble with these females!

Next week: We shift ‘Gears’ and step away from the creature features and take this story to some new ground. Stay tuned!




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    look at those happy pictures! think they make good pets?the song on my spaces was by Muse called Blackout.have a fab weekend!! Nicky

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