Rolling Start: Back to Blur

Its not so Bizarre to play Blur. 


I must break you
Wreck your first Rival in a One-on-One

Gamerscore = 20    Acquired 27/6/2010

A new release for $20, how could I resist.  My initial impression for Blur when I played the beta were quite favourable, but due to time and money constraints I had to let the game pass me buy.  Being a fan of the developer, Bizarre Creations, as well as a long time fan of their racers (going back to the 90’s when they were making F1 games on the PS1) it was tough for me to let this game go.

Two things happened this past week that allowed me to get back in the saddle.  First, I received a coupon in the mail for $20 to put towards Blur.  Secondly the game received a discount at retail to $40!  Those two events combined have allowed me to get in on the game for the low, low price of $20.

At the end of the day I hated to make this about price, but that is the nature of my reality.  The fact of the matter is that I have Blur now and I am loving it!  Also, many of my friends have now jumped on board, takes me back to my PGR2 days on the Xbox!  Probably the best racing game time of my life.  See you on the track!

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