SUPERGHOST TV: Featuring Forza Motorsport 4


Bugatti SS…262 MPH!

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As you may have gathered from my recent posts I have been all about Forza Motorsport 4 this week.  Forza is not just about being a racing sim, it is also about other disciplines such as car tuning, painting and design, photography, and creating movies.  The YouTube video above is my first movie attempt from Forza 4.  In the video I am trying to see how fast I could get the Bugatti Super Sport up to before I ran out of track.  Before I lost control and spun out I did hit 262 MPH, and as you can see, I was flying!

Fast Pass Nurb

It is not all videos with Forza, it is fun to take stills as well.  The picture above I entered into Turn 10’s first picture competition of Facebook.  I don’t suspect it will be a winner, but what the heck, it is worth a try.  Check back here or my You Tube page for more future Forza 4 videos or my other game-related videos.

Forza Motorsport



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