S-Rank: Forza Motorsport 3

The checkerd flag for Forza 3 achievements!


Solid GoldSolid Gold – Achieve a gold trophy in every single race in the Event List in Season Play mode     Gamerscore = 80    Unlocked on 07/10/2011

At the beginning of April this year I did  blog post where I declared my intention to earn the final achievement in Forza Motorsport 3.  At the time of that post I was sitting at about 45 hours of track time and estimated I would need another 90 to get the achievement.  I was pretty close because at just over 130 hours of race time, and nearly 20,000 km driven, I finally was able to earn the above achievement, thereby earning every achievement in the game, or in Giant Bomb verbiage, I ‘S’-Ranked it!


It was my goal to have this quest completed before the release of Forza 4, and I did do it, but with only a few days to spare!  Now my racing focus will transition to the new game, and if the reviews that are scattered all over the ‘net are any indication, Forza 4 will me a monster!

My only regret in this achievement is that I am feeling a little Forza fatigue, even though the bulk of the last 10% of the race were driven by a ‘hired’ AI driver.  I do think the cure for that fatigue will be the full Forza experience, and all the driving I did over the recent months has only made me a better driver.  So bring on Forza 4 for some Kinect-assisted racing goodness!

Forza Motorsport



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