Kameo Power Pack Available for Download


TormentX Loves his Kameo…

Time to dust off ‘Kameo‘ because the Powepack is now available on Marketplace for 400 points in all Xbox Live regions. You can get complete details on the Kameo Power Pack over at the official site. – From: MajorNelson.com

It is nice to have another reason to pull out this classic 360 launch title.  Expert mode, Rune Battle Vs. Mode, Time-Attack Co-op, and 15 new Achievments will most definatly put more hours of gameplay on your plate.  And if you do not already own this game, you can often find that it offered for discount prices at major retailers, so let there be no more excuses, pick up Kameo today!  Look at Torment’s face, that is the excited look you get when you play Kameo!



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4 Responses to Kameo Power Pack Available for Download

  1. Aaron says:

    Now heres a pic that tells the truth . Run out and get KAMEO people its a great little game and still the best of Rares 2 luanch games !

  2. Adam W says:

    torment the iceman

  3. Brad says:

    that game is now sitting at some little kids house being used as a coaster since SOMEONE traded it in.

  4. memnoch444 says:

    LOL aww how cute Torment & Kameo 2gether forever.

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