360 X-Press #23: The Call of Duty Edition


Well, last night we attepted to tackle the all-night Call of Duty 2 challange and had a very succesful run!  Did we make it through the 12 hours?  No.  We are old men with families, jobs, responsibilites, etc.  And while the spirit was strong, the flesh was week, so five hours in Cru and myself pulled the plug.  So how does 5 of 12 hours equate to success?  Well the fact that we had 5 solid hours of CoD2 gameplay with a lot of my friends is what I consider this event to be about.  TormentX, COKTOE 360, TBobDole, Haloaded, Jamy crush, Loki 343, Regun, RicanHavoc, and Suprhero all came and took part.  There was a lot of shots fired, laughs had, swears dealt out, and all around great multi-player action that this game has provided for the last several months since the all-important MP patch arrived.  And while I wasn’t able to take part in the festivites with those who were hunkered done at Infinity Ward in Los Angelas, I appreciate the idea and the event which made this Call of Duty-athon possible.

With Call of Duty 3 just around the corner, last night was sort of recognition that there is a changing of the guard in the works.  While it is still the better part of 2 months off there will be a new Call of Duty in town with a new campaign and expanded multi-player component to explore.  Last night represented an early send off for the Xbox 360’s first great title that may be being sequeled too soon.  We will still continue on playing CoD2 here and there leading up to the release of CoD3 and the franchise player Gears of War.  After that who knows what will become of 2, but I do expect revisits just because a) Everybody owns it, and b) It is just so damn good and smooth, something I will wait and see if CoD3 can recreate. 

Time to move forward and see what has caught my eye of late in 360land:


  • Forza 2 will find itself racing off to the new year.  While I am disapointed that I will not see this game by Christmas, it will give me time to gather funds for it and it’s $150 USD steering wheel which I am comitted to buying. Still very excited for F2!
  • With the absence of Forza this holiday season, I am seriously considering a move to Test Drive Unlimited.  While initially unimpressed, Cru has given me some rave reviews that just may make me take the plunge.
  • But there is also the reemergence of NHL Hockey on the 360.  Withe the absolutly gorgeous EA NHL 07 and fantastic playing NHL 2K7, my September game choices have got a whole lot tougher.  If you haven’t yet, download the demos for these two games from Marketplace and decide for yourself.
  • Bring on Lumines Live!
  • CHROMEHOUNDS has just been patched to iron out the kinks.  This has been a great game to play over the Summer and I hope that the squad continues on into the Fall.  Gotta keep leveling up!
  • Release date for Phantasy Star Universe.  Where is it?  Sega of America says Fall ’06, I won’t hold my breath though.
  • 360’s next great game:  Splinter Cell: Double Agent, October ’06.

Well that is it for this edition.  Anyone playing Enchanted Arms?  I like someone to throw a comment my way and let me know how you like it.  Till next time, stay frosty!



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