360 X-Press #24: The 360 PWNES Edition



X06 came…We saw…Microsoft kicks @$$!!!  That is the feeling I came away with yesterday after spending the entire evening downloading and watching trailers, playing demos, and watching the press briefing in its entirity.  One by one Microsoft dropped the hammer with blockbuster anouncement after announcement.  For an Xbox fanboy, there is nothing better than a great press conference to get your juices going.  So why does the 360 pwn at X06?   Here is why in no particular order:

  • Peter Jackson (Director of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) reveals a new partnership with Microsoft Game Studios!  Halo movie in 2008; all new Halo game co-developed by Bungie and Jackson’s new WETA game studio; All new IP from WETA; and last but not least, King Kong to ship with HD DVD player (more on that later!).  Peter Jackson PWNES!
  • Halo Wars.  RTS based in the Halo universe…PWNES!
  • Grand Theft Auto IV will have two "epic" downloadable episodes exclusively on Xbox 360…PWNES!
  • The next Splinter Cell (Conviction) will be 360 console-exclusive!!!  Now that PWNES!!!
  • BioShock 360 exclusive! …PWNES!!!
  • Project Gotham Racing 4, New Banjoe and Kazooie, Marvel Universe Online, and the list goes on…PWNING!
  • last but not least, HD DVD drive shipping with Media Remote and Peter Jackson’s King Kong…PWNES!


XBLA Goodness!

Oh, I forgot Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Gears of War, Halo 3, the peripherals…on and on.  So much to look forward to, so little money.  Things are just staring to get interesting.



I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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2 Responses to 360 X-Press #24: The 360 PWNES Edition

  1. Aaron says:

    lets go to to war and uh …er uh ..PWN !

  2. Debbie says:

    I have watched it last Thursday and I was so excited. Great announcements!I want them all!!!! LOL[]s

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