Support OUR Troops


The Canadian Armed Forces

Often I live in a video game induced haze.  I spend much of my free time enjoying my family, my video games, and my friends company.  I often avoid the TV because of crappy programing and bad news.  As of late though I cannot avoid all the stories and images coming from half a world away, where Canadian soldiers are fighting and dying while trying to overthrough the Taliban insurgency in Afganistan.


Canadians taking part in Operation Medusa

After the events of 9-11 we all know that the US cut a swath through Afghanistan in retaliation of the terrorist attacks before finally hunkering down in Iraq for the unforseable future.  Canada was given a lot of heat for not joining the US in its Iraq campaign by its citizens and powers that be, but the reality is that we have been in Afghanistan helping hold the fort since 2002, and even as I type this Canadian soldiers are taking part in Operation Medusa, a major offensive that is trying to clear out the Taliban and is allies in the region once and for all.  The fighting in this region is brutal and highly dangerous and even though we are making strides, we are also losing soldiers as well.


Canadians during Operation Archer (February 2006)

While casualties in the region swell, Canada has lost 33 soldiers since 2002 in the region, with the bulk coming this year as the Taliban fights to regain control.  There are countries all over the world that have been fighting the war on terror.  USA is not alone out there.  I know this is a 360 blog, and I try not to be political, but it is important that men and women know we have their backs, no matter why it is they are there.  Hopefully all will come home safely!



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5 Responses to Support OUR Troops

  1. Sean R. says:

    Couldn’t agee with you more man.  Nice post.  I hope all troops, whether Canadian or otherwise, can return home to their families safe. 

  2. Aaron says:

    Wow that game has great graphics it must be for the PS3, now ill buy one.
    I hear ya on this ghost , support is all a citizen can do these days. it turns my stomach that the US has lost 2000 + AND FOR WHAT ?????????????????

  3. Adam W says:

    People talk about deaths but a scary figure to me are the casualties that number almost 30000 thats 30000 americans, canadians and europeons wounded in battle and unable to return to battle.  Many of these soldiers are missing arms and legs due to the IED’s.  And lets also remember the 100000 iraqi civilians killed in this bloody battle for oil.

  4. I says:

    I appreciate and am very thankful for our troops, Canadian or otherwise!

  5. Brad says:

    Any man or woman has the courage to joing the armed forces is a hero of mine. Not ashamed to say that either….oh yeah…im BACK!

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