The ‘Roadie Run’ to Gears of War #5: Gearheads of War


Gears of War

So when last I wrote about Gears I updated my entry to indicate that November 12th, 2006 will be Emergence Day.  Now I have discovered a cool GoW fanasite that is run by none other than CliffyB’s brother.  Recently Papi Blez at did an interview with Cliffy and had this to say about the perspective release day of Gears of War:

"The Sunday date is the date Microsoft believes all of the major retailers will have the game in stock so that’s the date they want to build excitement around. What we’ve been told is that hardcore game shops like EB & Gamestop will have their trucks lined up at Microsoft’s warehouse as 12:01AM on November 7th (the date the game actually ships) and will get stock to their stores as quickly as they can – at their own additional expense no less! They’ll be able to sell it the minute they get it so some of those stores will have the game well before the 12th. It could take a few days for the game to work through the distribution channels of the giants like Wal*Mart and Best Buy but they should all have it in stores by the 12th. Microsoft figures this is a game that will sell well to the mass market so they want to make sure that when people show up in the stores the game is there. So that’s why the 12th is being called Emergence Day. Microsoft also told us they’re going to be planning something cool to coincide with that date."

So, some lucky gamers (maybe you and me, we will see) will possibly have this game well in advance of the ‘launch’ day.  Personally I like the rush of the midnight launch, that way we all get the game at the same time.  I do think retailers probably do not like that as many stores can have difficulty pulling it off.  To read the entire CliffyB interview click HERE.  Also be sure to check the above link for for cool GoW insight.


Marcus pwning noob locust

As you can see I have put up some recently released screenshots in this entry.  What is great about them is that Epic says that they are 100% in game, no doctoring!  This game’s release coincides with the release of two major competing consoles, it is no wonder that they chose this time as this game will show the true power of ‘X’ . 

I also read recently that Epic expects to ship/sell 6-8 million copies of Gears of War.  That is an amazing expectation, especially for an all new IP.  To put it into perspective, Halo 2 sold 7+ million copies, was an existing IP, in the 3rd year of an established system.  Epic has raised the bar, I think they shall hurdle it.  Everyone wants a piece of this war.

Gears of War Collectors Edition:  What can we expect for our extra ten dollars?

– An exclusive hard-bound art book titled “Destroyed Beauty”
– Lots of exclusive behind-the-scenes content, including an inside look at the making of Gears of War

Pictures of "Destroyed Beauty" were circulating on the ‘net back in 2005 when Gears of War was revieled at E3 that year.  I am looking forward to owning my own copy.  That is it for this edition, Emergence Day creeps ever closer!



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5 Responses to The ‘Roadie Run’ to Gears of War #5: Gearheads of War

  1. Adam W says:

    hooaaa gearheads

  2. Sean R. says:

    I cannot wait to play this game.  I want to look more into it’s Live features though.  Don’t know alot about them.

  3. Aaron says:


  4. I says:

    I agree, bring on GOW!

  5. Patrick says:

    25K yesterday!

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