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Achievment of the Week: Featuring PAC-MAN

All GhostsEat all ghosts in succession after eating a Power Pellet! Gamerscore=10 SUPERGHOST always gets all the ghosts!  The legendary arcade game PAC-MAN has made it’s way to the Xbox Live Arcade in all it’s glory!  Growing up I was … Continue reading

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A Quick Look at New Zack Island

Just click on the pic for a quick tour… -SG

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The Halo Movie’s New Direction

When I first heard that the Halo motion picture was not going to have a ‘name’ director I was a little disapointed, next I found out that it was a first-time director and I got even more nervous.  Neill Blomkamp … Continue reading

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Goin’ Solo…

Laura Croft  Tomb Raider: Legend …for the moment.  After compleating Prey the other night I am now working my way through Tomb Raider: Legend, that is until the moment I get my hands on Dead Rising this week which will be … Continue reading

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…On Compleating Prey

I finished the single-player story for Prey late Sunday night and I can say that it was a very satisfying experience!  Prey is not your conventional FPS and its storyline, steaped in sci-fi genre,  will make you want to complete … Continue reading

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Looking Back at Spliter Cell: Chaos Theory

Here is a conundrum.  I have so many great 360 games to play, now especially single player adventures such as Oblivion, Tomb Raider, Prey (almost done), and Dead Rising (next week).  But what I realy want to play through again … Continue reading

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Looking Back at Halo 2

Yesterday I decided to watch the The Making of Halo 2 that was included in my Limited Edition Halo 2 package.  It was nice, it has been nearly 2 years since it’s release and it brought back memories of the months … Continue reading

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