So Happy Together…

My gamerbuddy TormentX likes to get under my skin my being hard on PGR3 by saying that its graphics do not live up to the original screenshots.  I on the other hand believe that PGR3 is a tremendous looking game and is one of my personal favorites for the 360.  Anyways, I prefer to think of happier times, like this one pictured below:


TormentX kisses and makes up

Now that is passion for a game!



I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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7 Responses to So Happy Together…

  1. Kevin says:

    I have to get another copy of PGR3. . . my first one couldn’t take the stress and cracked under the pressure.  :p  That was a shock because I thought discs were indestructible. . .

  2. Aaron says:

    that is a great pic , to bad it was taken  before the 360 came out and my feelings for PGR3 still stand. The screen shots were not telling the truth. The game looks nothing like them even running on my HDTV.  Plus the PGR series is getting stale.

  3. Patrick says:

    Sour grapes.  A series is not stale if you chose not to play in all it has to offer, such as:
    -A robust single player with 5 levels of difficulty
    -It’s not just racing, single player challanges you to drive hard (cone challanges, hot laps, overtaking, etc…)
    -Online career, if single player isn’t your bag, take on the world in top-notch racing events
    -Tournaments:  always updating, new ways to compete against the online community
    -Photo mode, replays, and Gotham TV:  Don’t wanna play? Watch the best racers or take a picture of yourself in action and post it for the world to see!
    -Downloadable content
    -Cat & Mouse and Cone collecting
    -Play casually in Playtime
    If anything, Bizarre Creations maybe over delivered for a racing game.  Now we can go back and forth on graphics and what not, that’s fun.  But stale? Ninja Please…This 1st gen game rox hard!!!

  4. Aaron says:

    I choose not play becuase its stale 

  5. Aaron says:

    Bring on a real racing game lke SEGA RALLY

  6. Patrick says:

    I’ll take your Sega Rally challange.  Just some advice, go ouside now at eat some dust and/or dirt so at least you develop a taste for it before SR comes out (lol). Good to have you back so there is activity on this blog!

  7. SCHUEY F1 says:

    I’not a big gan of the track design in PGR3.
    Bring on Forza!

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