In Memory of my (first) 360…


Hey, I thought I was immune.  While all my friends were swapping of their 360 due to that red ring of light, mine kept chugging along, eating lighting and shitting thunder…until last night.  I should have know something was up when CHROMEHOUNDS kept locking up hard.  Then this morning it wouldn’t even boot up the system before locking up, then came the red lights.

I put that 360 through a lot of hours and great games.  PGR3, GRAWCall of Duty 2, Condemned, and so many others too numerous to mention.  The bright side is that later this afternoon I will pick up my brand new 360!  My biggest casualty will be the loss of my DOA4 data, but I can live with that.  What is more I will be receiving the new premium bundle which includes a copy of PGR3, 1250 Microsoft Points, and 3 months of Live.  I hope my new 360 will outlast this one.  9 months is a little too quick, looking forward to breaking it in! 

ps. I have a lot of downloading to do as well



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5 Responses to In Memory of my (first) 360…

  1. I says:

    Nooooooo!  I am so sorry this happened to you!  *sniff*  I’m sure you had some great times together…When’s the memorial?

  2. Joe says:

    this scares me, if it can happen to YOU, it can happen to me. cool that you got a new premium bundle already though. pgr is awesome

  3. Yulia says:

    oh man, sorry to hear the bad news :'(  i sure hope microsoft doesn’t have 360 timer in are boxs to make it last for only a certain amount of time, and you have not even had it for 1 year…..M$ has got some explaining to do. 

  4. Ak47 says:

    Eek. I guess this means you can’t be an official Xbox All-Nighter blogger? :( 

  5. Kevin says:

    It’s always rough to see when someone’s 360 go down.  I have to hand it to you though that you are handling the setback with grace.  I have the 2 year warranty and was also thinking about getting a memory card just so I can back up my data every now and again just in case something happens to my saved data.  Then again… it WOULD be fun to get some of those achievements again  :p  Long Life for your new 360!

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