Achievment of the Week: Featuring PAC-MAN


All Ghosts
Eat all ghosts in succession after eating a Power Pellet!


SUPERGHOST always gets all the ghosts!  The legendary arcade game PAC-MAN has made it’s way to the Xbox Live Arcade in all it’s glory!  Growing up I was a game crazy kid, but growing up on a farm 2 miles from a town of 250 made it difficult to facilitate any kind of video game hobby.  Usualy as close as I was able to get to a ‘hot’ arcade game like PAC-MAN was to buy the breakfast cereal which was 100% sugar.  One day in my youth we drove to a neighboring town that was bigger than my own, they had an arcade!  So I went to check it out cause as I said above, I am game crazy.  When I get there I find about a dozen kids of varying age surrounding a table-top machine, on closer inspection I discover that it is none other than the legendary PAC-MAN!!!

So I sit and watch all these kids play and I can’t help but feel important, for I am in the prescence of PAC-MAN (keep in mind I AM 7-8 years old at this time).  Knowing my time was short I wanted to try the game, so I timidly try to place my quarter at the machine.  An older kid asks me if I am going to play or not, that is my cue to charge forth.  I plug my quarter in and I am playing!  I am playing then…bam …bam…bam…GAME OVER.  It was over before I know it and I had to go, but I played PAC-MAN that day!

Later in life I realized that the PAC-MAN machine I was playing on was one of those clever, pirated PAC machinrs that were floating about at the time.  A few years later my uncle purchased the town pool hall and low and behold, we had ourselves a stand up PAC-MAN machine (official) in my own home town!  To end off this little story here I am 33 years old and still suck at this game, but I enjoy it, and it is one of my earliest gaming memories!  (ps.  how disapointed were you when you saw and played that awful Atari 2600 PAC-MAN? blech!)




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3 Responses to Achievment of the Week: Featuring PAC-MAN

  1. Brad says:

    I wasnt yet born when Pac-Man was out. I grew up on Sonic and Donkey Kong on the SNES. Now all we need is Pong to come to the arcade….

  2. Aaron says:

    I got a pocket full of quaters and im head to the arcade ……… Pac Man Fever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (who remebers that song) Iknow some of you out there are old enough to remeber that one. The 80’s was a silly time, fun but silly

  3. Debbie says:

    OMG! I also had an Atari 2600. Jesus, man! That is history already.Thanks a billion for the welcome back! I was missing you all a lot and I am sincerely happy to be around again.*with love always* Angel

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