Mission Acomplished: Fallout 3’s ‘The Pitt’


Free Labor
Completed "Free Labor"

Gamerscore = 40    Acquired 25/4/2009

Fallout 3’s latest DLC package entitled ‘The Pitt’ was a monster for me.  I sure cot my monies worth as I spent the better part of 8 – 10 hours exploring and questing until I reached my ultimate goal and earned the above achievement. 

So far The Pitt is the better of the two available expansions.  The post apocalyptic Pittsburgh is quite interesting to see with its large bridge, the city skyline, and its steel mills.  Once you get going you find that you have a fairly sizeable adventure to undertake.  Also it is definitely worth the ride to The Pitt just to upgrade your weapons and armor.  I am particularly partial to my new power amour and Infiltrator assault/sniper rifle.

Now that I am done in The Pitt, all i have left to do is pillage it for supplies and make some extra caps.  I do so love my scavenging!

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1 Response to Mission Acomplished: Fallout 3’s ‘The Pitt’

  1. Aaron says:

    Wow just think how much of the retail part of the game you still have to play !

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