Halo Highlight Reel: Forward Unto Halo 4 Edition

Halo Rewind.



Beachhead – Storm the beach of “The Silent Cartographer” with no marine casualties on Heroic or Legendary                                                                Gamerscore = 10     Unlocked on 29/07/2012

It is mid-summer and as Fall approaches we are once again anticipating the release of another new Halo game.  Unlike before though this is the first major game in the Master Chief story, or numbered sequels, that will not be created by Bungie.  This game will have Microsoft’s 343 Industries at the helm, and from what we saw at this year’s E3, Halo is in good hands and looks to take the franchise is new and exciting directions.  Not the least of which is the new web series which will be released in chapters leading up to the game’s release, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

Forward Unto Dawn

Taking place 30 years before the events of Halo 4, Forward Unto Dawn recounts a story which takes place at the very beginning of the Human / Covenant war.  It also would be considered one of the Master Chief’s earliest missions.  It is nice that we will have some all new canonical material to accentuate our Halo story as well as build excitement for the latest game’s release.  As you can see from the trailer, Forward Unto Dawn looks to sport some decent production values and expand the story of the Halo universe.  The more the merrier!


As you can see from the achievement posted above I have been playing Halo Anniversary as of late. There are several achievements and collectables that I can still yet earn in the game  so I am trying to pick them off as I go. Of particular interest to myself is collecting all of the terminals.  As there are story elements that lead directly into the story of Halo 4 hidden within, I want to see and study them all before Halo 4’s release.  Presently I am playing through on Heroic which in my opinion is no easy task.  I have said before, Halo: Combat Evolved / Halo: Anniversary is some of the toughest Halo experiences out there, but also some of the most satisfying.


It is not often that I fall for limited edition consoles, but with the state of my gaming these days I think I deserve something special.  I think the blue light and translucence of the hardware will make for a pretty cool looking setup.  Today I pre-ordered the console, and my plan will be to fill up the hard drive with a many digital copies of Halo games as I can.  I already have Reach and will add whatever is available over time.  This console will truly be a Halo console when I get my hands on it.

Soon the wait will be over, but I still have same Halo work to do.  Presently I am listening to the Halo audio book for Glasslands, and once again I am eyeing up Halo 2 and Halo Wars.  It really is Summer Halo-days!

Halo 4 Official Site



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