Shadowrun Returns!

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The Kickstarter phenomenon of 2012 has been very expensive for me.  I have already supported several projects, but when they announced a proper return to the Shadowrun universe, I could not resist.  I was fascinated by Shadowrun’s bold mixture of cyberpunk and mysticism, that and through in some guns with a Native American veneer and you have one of the most interesting table-top meets gaming properties going.  After a long road and several different incarnations it appears Shadowrun is returning to its gaming roots via the PC.  While I am not the biggest PC gamer, I am willing to see what this version will bring.  I have to as I have committed $140 to this Kickstarter!

What follow the rest of this post is my brief history of Shadowrun games, and while it is not the most colorful history, it may shed some light on my reasoning for going all in on this project.


Shadow Gen

Shadowrun – Sega Genesis (1994)

Far and away my most exposure to the Shadowrun universe as well as one of the few early RPGs (or action-RPG in this case) that I played to competition.  Shadowrun was a great little game.  While it did not have the biggest over-world to explore, it did offer interesting combat and upgrades, a squad to follow you on your adventure, jobs, and cyberspace hacking which at the time felt very funky and fresh, ahead of its time really.

Easily this game is the reason I sponsered the production of the new Shadowrun.  I wanted the opportunity to revisit that world, and I should finally have the chance to.  Out of all the Shadowrun properties, I hope that the new game takes the most from the Genesis version.



Shadowrun – Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1993)

As a Sega-fanboy back in the day I did not really give the SNES version of Shadowrun the time of day.  With its isometric view it seamed, and was, dramatically different from its Sega counterpart. 

What is unusual about this Shadowrun situation is that the SNES version is the only physical copy of a Shadowrun game that I own.  I did buy it well after the fact.  I have dabbled with it somewhat but it never really captured me like the other game did.  With all the hoopla of the new game I have thought about going back to try this game once again.  We will see about that though.



Shadowrun –Xbox 360/PC (2007)

When I first heard that an all-new Shadowrun was coming to the Xbox 360 I got super-excited…until I found out that the new Shadowrun was strictly a team-based FPS with no campaign and veered quite sharply from the existing canon that existed for the franchise.

I did play the demo, and did buy a PC version on the cheap digitally.  I never did try the PV version though.  Next gen Shadowrun was a failure in gamers’ eyes, and for the next 5 years the gaming future of Shadowrun remained in Limbo…

Now Shadowrun fans have a glimmer of hope.  A new Shadowrun game is on its way from the people who love it the most, and that is all a fan could ask for!  Well, that an and Xbox 360 version would be nice! Winking smile

Shadowrun Universe – Home



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