Bejeweled 3

A ‘gem’ of a game!


Game in Hand

Game in Hand – Unlock all 8 game modes

Gamerscore = 25     Unlocked on 31/05/2012

Since it was released I wanted to purchase Bejeweled 3.  I have been a closet Bejeweled fan since I purchased ‘2’ during the early days of Xbox LIVE Arcade.  I even purchased Bejeweled Blitz when it was on sale several months ago to foster my Bejeweled appreciation.  The thing was for me that I did not want to pay full price for this game, so I waited patiently, but not overly long, for the price of this game to be cut in half.  At that point it was an easy sell.  What is more important though is that ‘3’ is like 8 games in one!


As you can see above I have unlocked all the game modes available.  Don’t worry, playing each mode for a little bit or a minor accomplishment will unlock the next one, so it is not too difficult.  Like Geometry Wars 2 before it, all of Bejeweled 3’s game modes are fun in their own way.  Some evenings I will tackle one for 30 minutes or so, the next play session I will move on to another mode.  Sometimes I just get lost in Bejeweled and try to better my last score and not realize how late it is getting, that is a testament to the quality of this game.

With my time to play games decreasing it is nice to have a casual , pick up and play game that I love and can go to again and again!

PopCap Games | Bejeweled 3



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