Achievement Spotlight: 100,000 Gamerscore!!!

The Return…

100KGSLore Master Activate all terminals. Unlocked October 14,2015 = 30

Over three years since my last blog post. Life got (and still is) busy. Once I had time to blog on a near daily basis, and to have something to write about I was actually playing a fair amount of games. These last three years has seen my hobby of gaming, and its corresponding blog, disappear almost entirely.  I have found some balance in recent times and can now till eek out some fun from my former hobby, and as such I creped and crawled to the Gamerscore milestone of milestones, 100,000!

I used to enjoy aiming for a Gamerscore target, reaching it, and then write about it. Obviously it has been awhile since. Reaching this high mark had me think once again about this blog so I took some tie this morning to see if I could actually still log in and craft a post. It appears I still have the touch and can craft a lame, self-serving post that does not offer a lot of info for the reader 😉
Instead of droning on about the past I should touch on this Achievement. I was please when this particular Achievement popped to put me over the 100,000 mark. I always like those milestones to come from a franchise I enjoy, and I enjoy no other gaming franchise more than I do Halo. And with Halo I very much enjoy the lore and backstory of that series, so it was most fitting that on a Terminal hunt with my son on Halo: The Master Chief Collection I was able to reach that goal.
As for this blog and my return after three years I wonder to myself if I should come back more often. Towards the end of my run I treated it as a gaming diary of sorts, and it does help to put some mental energies into other thing besides work, so I think I will try to visit and update once in a while and see what comes of this. Even if no one reads it I do like the process.
Back to gaming, Halo 5: Guardians is out this Tuesday, so maybe not a bad time to get back into this….


I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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