Mission Accomplished: Spec Ops – The Line

The horror…the horror…


We Were Soldiers

We Were Soldiers – Complete game on “Combat Op” difficulty

Gamerscore = 20    Unlocked on 15/07/2012

Once again a busy month leads to little blogging. The good news is that I actually got to play a little bit of video games.  The most significant of which was my completion of Spec Ops: The Line.  Spec Ops delivered exactly what I was looking for of late, a fun and engaging story intermixed with some solid gameplay.  As I wrote about in my previous Spec Ops blog entry, this game aped somewhat the story of Apocalypse Now, or at least that is what I was led to believe.  While Spec Ops takes that Heart of Darkness premise, it certainly follows its own path, creating its own road to the heart of darkness.  And that road is certainly dark…darker than even I expected, but still enjoyable in the story-telling sense.


While I will stop myself short of giving specific story details I will say that I recommend this game both as a solid military shooter and solid story.  Spec Ops even has moral choices that are made on the fly as part of the story, so you may find that you end up not where you expected with the multiple endings available.  All are equally satisfying and meaningful.

So if you are in the mood for some FPS action that is not your typical CoD clone, give Spec Ops a spin, you won’t be disappointed!

Spec Ops: The Line



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