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My dramatic return to blogging (after nearly a month) has my on-again, off-again relationship with Spec Ops: The Line on again.  Looking to break out of my gaming funk I cancelled my Lollipop Chainsaw and Steel Battalion pre-orders in favour of a story.  From the first time I saw what developer Yager had in store for us with Spec Ops: The Line a couple of years back I was really excited for this game.  A modern day retelling of The Heart of Darkness / Apocalypse Now set in Dubai swallowed up by an epic sandstorm.  A trio of American soldiers venture into this heart of darkness to look for survivors and to discover what exactly happened with the botched evacuation of the city.


I am about seven chapters into the game and really enjoying the aesthetic and gameplay.  With my mind on other things these days it is nice to enjoy familiar controls (which what a FPS/Shooter has to offer in this day and age) and the story.  Like Homefront before it, it is nice to see a military shooter that is not a Call of Duty or Medal of Honor venture out into new and unfamiliar territory, exploring new story concepts with interesting mechanics. 

Though I imagine I am still early into the game, I am really enjoying what The Line has to offer.  Fresh story with third-person shooting is what the gaming doctor has ordered round my house.

Spec Ops: The Line



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