Ford Racing 3: “Respect me!”

Hello!  I am Ford Racing 3.  You may have heard of me or maybe my two older brothers.  But dont let those other two guys sully my reputation though.  They were not as sophisticated as me.  They usually only came over to just play with you for awhile, maybe anger you a bit, then leave.  I let you play with others all over the world and if I must say, I look pretty good while I do it!  If you don’t have LIVE, that is no problem.  I have a very extensive single player experience.  I am not gonna fool you.  I am no PGR2 or RSC2, but you know what?  You have already played those games to the point where that charge of excitment is not there anymore, that newness.  Also, you can have me over for little more than the price of a rental!  What a deal I am.  On that note I will say that I am not without my problems.  I am a little floaty, my soundtrack is poor, and somepeople cannot select the audio menu because it can freeze me up.  Overall though, I am more than worth the price of admission.  When big daddy Forza arrives in a month, you may never think of me again, and I understand that, but let hang out for the next month and have a little fun!




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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  1. Unknown says:

    DS baby 

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