Where Have all the Light Guns Gone?

When is the last time you played a light gun game?  If you are like me and my crew and are hardcore into the XBOX, probably not for some time.  With few opportunities in this generation of hardware (software and games), one might suspect that this may be the end of the line for the gun that plugs into your console.

Currently on the XBOX your primary options for light gun games are SEGA‘s fantastic House of the Dead III (which also includes a port of the equaly good House of the Dead II), Silent Scope Collection (3 games!), and last and certanly least Starsky and Hutch (2nd player option).  As far as the guns, there was no 1st party support from Microsoft, just the usual 3rd party suspects, most famously the Mad Catz Blaster and Silent Scope’s 3rd party offering.

As I think back on light guns of the past, SEGA has always been the place to be.  With Saturn‘s deadly combo of Virtua Cop I & II with 1st party Stunners (kick ass) in tow.  The original House of the Dead could be found (rare) on the Saturn too.  The Dreamcast was next, unforunatly North Americans were not privy to SEGA‘s gun, having to make do with an acceptable offering from Mad Catz.  Classic shooters Confidential Mission and House of the Dead II plus a port of Virtua Cop II made Dreamcast a light gun gamers place to be.

Where does that leave us today?  In my opinion with the onset of the new XBOX just around the corner, I do not forsee a new light gun game.  The gaming experiences offered by your Halos, Half-Life’s, Dooms, and Unreals are just a little too fantastic for the gun gamer crowd to keep up.  What am I going too do?  I am going to grab my copy of House of the Dead III and my Mad Catz Blaster and I am gonna shoot me up some zombies!  And I hope you all take the opportunity to fire a fake gun at your TV while you still can.




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