XBOX 360: As the World is Turning

Gamers everywhere better fasten their seatbelts because if they don’t, they will soon be plowed over by the 800 lbs. gorilla that is the XBOX 360 !!! (title yet to be made offical, yet do not expect it to be anything else).  Info is slowly leaking on to the internet as the May 12th  MTV debut special nears (Click on MTV to see the teaser trailer for the special).  What follows is just some of the latest info on the console that is gonna knock your socks on their ass.

First of there is the graphics chip patent from ATI.  This baby is what gets the gamers juices going (aka “What is it gonna look like graphically?”).  TeamXBOX has all your info HERE.

What does XBOX 360 gonna look like?  Well if the leaked info is correct, the picture at the bottom of this article is gonna be the sleek, sexy, slimmed down baddy that is gonna keep you up all hours of the night.  (TeamXBOX has your hookup!)

When I first heard the speculation of the next XBOX arriving later this year I was little disapointed.  I thought there was a lot of life left in the XBOX, and that they may be rushing to bring the newest iteration to the raging masses.  Well I am right about there being a lot of life still in the big black BOX with its great games library, graphics ability, LIVE support, and low price point; XBOX is still looking strong.  But now I realize I am ready to make a 360 and join the revolution.  It will be the best gaming system going and it is just around the corner!  This premium unit is gonna turn the world upside-down.

So watch the MTV special on May 12th, and keep a close eye on this years E3 later the same month because you will likely never be able to look at games the same way again!




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