More Ghost Recon 2 = Happy

As I read through my daily video game news I was very excited to see that an expansion pack is being produced for Ghost Recon 2.  Here is a LINK to that story as presented by TeamXBOX.

Ghost Recon 2 has been a boon to military shooter fans and disenfrachised Halo 2 players alike.  Launching whithin the first to weeks of Halo 2, GR2 was missed by many, or pushed to the side by hungry Master Chiefers.  But after many hours of Halo 2, cheatres and griefers and dinx started to take over.  When looking for a place to turn there it was, all beutifull and shiny, waiting for us to pick it up, plug it in and crawl around on our bellies for the chance to pop a cap in some unsuspecting fools a$$!

I am really excited for the newly expanded GR2 gaming experience as I am sure are all my gaming friends.  If you have not picked this game up yet, I would advise you to do so.  Great graphics, gameplay, story, and tons of great online modes as well as 2 free DL content packs available on XBL, there is a lot to chew on in this package.  I could go on and on about Ghost Recon 2, but I think I would rather just play it!




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