Table Tennis: One of Kazakhstan’s Favorite Pastimes, Is Now One of Mine


Борат Сагдиев

Borat Sagdiyev is the sixth most famous person in Kazakhstan and he is also a huge fan of Table Tennis.  He comes by it honestly though as Table Tennis is one of the country’s favorite pastimes, right up there with shooting dogs and beating gypsies.  Clearly one can see in the picture above that Borat is ready for Table Tennis.  "Two thumbs up!" is also Borat’s review for Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis which just arrived this week for the 360!


Borat wearing Kazakh National Table Tennis Uniform

With a review of "Two thimbs up!" how could I go wrong?  So yesterday I picked up Table Tennis from my local EB, fortunatly I arived early as the store had only recieved 3 copies!  So I went home and tried it out, what will first strike you about TT is the excellent graphics and sound.  Next I went into the training mode so I would become familiar with the controls.  What i gleaned from the training is that there is a very deap level of control for the game, yet it is surprisingly easy to catch on!


Table Tennis in action!

It took me several matches to get comfortable and start taking it to the AI, I never did get frustrated, I only got hungrier to get better.  TT is easy to get sucked into, it has breakneck speed, super graphics, andtight gameplay.  I have yet to play an online match but I am looking forward to trying that tonight.  For those of you who were blown away when they first experienced Virtua Tennis on the DC, prepare to experience that same "Wow" feeling all over again!  There is also a spectator mode ala "Gotham TV" so you can just kick back and watch some random gamers go at it.  TT is a quality product, be sure to give it a try!  Dziękuję!




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4 Responses to Table Tennis: One of Kazakhstan’s Favorite Pastimes, Is Now One of Mine

  1. Stephen says:

    That looks like great fun. I like.When are you going to have me over to play? I’ll bring you a Slurpee – no slush, just as you like.

  2. Debbie says:

    I read you all saying nice things about the game, but I don’t want to believe it. LOLI will surely change my mind soon, but until then… I keep on reading everyone’s review.*peace out*

  3. Sean R. says:

    I’m definately going to give this one a try.  Borat rules.

  4. Aaron says:

    is that CA’s boyfriend ?????????????????

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