Dead or Alive: Dream On…

As of late, my interest in the Dead or Alive series of games has reached a fevered pitch.  Yea, I have played the series off and on since its inception, but I have not played a game in the series extensively until the release Of Dead or Alive: Ultimate in the fall of 2004.  I have always admired the series for its beautiful, cutting edge graphics and its very approachable gameplay, but until I was able to take on my friends online was did I take the plunge a really begin to explore the depths of the series.

First off, you know me as a gamer; you know I am all about online gaming.  There is not a huge attraction to playing a single player experience in any fighter for me for any length of time.  DOAU changed that a bit my offering me the ability to unlock 100+ costumes, which I have been able to show off online.  My interest in DOAU had spread into DOA3, now I am giving it the play through that I never had before, and finally all this playing is in anticipation of the next instalment, Dead or Alive 4.

Enough about me, this entry is supposed to be about how to increase your enjoyment and understanding of the Dead or Alive universe, so without further delay:

  • Read your game manuals:  At first glance, the DOA games appear just to be a great fighting game, but did you also know there is a great storyline as well?  DOAU caries manuals for both DOA1 and DOA2, and within these manuals are a wealth of information of the back-stories, history, and mythologies surrounding the DOA universe.  Especially interesting is the character flow chart on the DOA1 manual and the explanation of “Tengu” in DOA2’s manual.  Also do not forget to read the character’s bios in all the manuals to bring yourself up to date on each of their back-stories.  Oops, almost forgot, there are prologues in the manuals as well. 
  • Watch all the Cinemas, Cut-scenes, and Intros: Each generation of DOA comes with more explosive, more revealing, more exciting movies.  They are not just pretty to look at, but reveal important plot points as well.  Also they may increase your appreciation of Aerosmith.
  • DOA 3 Booster Disc:  Released way back on OXM demo disc, this little treasure expands the available costumes in DOA3, plus it includes the Japanese intro for DOA3.  If you were unable to obtain one, fear not.  It is an unlockable in DOAU once all the costumes are unlocked (minus the Japanese intro).
  • Internet: …is chalk full of DOA related goodies.  To get the most out of your game GameFAQ’s has all you need to find all the hidden game secrets.  DOATEC and DOA Central are a couple of DOA dedicated sites that I frequent.
  • Play, Practice, and Play:  You need to play, practice, and play to get the most from your DOA.  Try all there is to offer.  Survival Mode is my personal favourite, Time Attack, Tag Battles are all fun and engaging.  Use the practice an sparring modes to learn new techniques and find unlockables, view battles in the Watch Modes, and battle it out against opponents around the world on LIVE.
  • Side-stories:  expand your enjoyment of the series by playing the following games:  Dead or Alive Extreme beach Volleyball is a great diversion for fans of the DOA ladies, volleyball, and gambling.  Ninja Gaiden explores Ryu Hyabusa’s world and is a dozy of a game (look for a Ayane here as well!)
  • Look to the Future:  With DOA4, DOA: Code Cronos, Ninja Gaiden 2 all appearing to arrive on the XBOX 360, we are a long way from being done yet!

Whew!  Ok, I promise I will take a break from writing about DOA for now.  But this series is on top of my mind right now so why not roll with it.  Hope you found the above info useful.



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