Dead or Alive 3: Don’t Forget About Me!

For the better part of the last year my crew and myself have been all about playing Dead or Alive: Ultimate in the fighting game genre.  Why?  A no brainer really, DOAU offers far and away the best online fighting experience in gaming today.  Whats more is you can have seven other friends watching and participating in the festivities.  But DOAU spotlight is actually DOA 2, even though it has received a graphic and game play overhaul, it really is not the most recent game in the storyline/series, for that you have to go back and play this little gem, Dead or Alive 3.

Since the release of the Dead or Alive 4 footage at E3, I have had my interest renewed in the series as a whole, but with DOAU dominating my play I have not touched 3 in forever, so I thought I would plug it in.  First off, this game does not look four years old! Still easily one of the best XBOX games, DOA 3 blows your mind.  What I found in that the charecters seem more fluid than in Ultimate, which I suppose makes sense since there is no online component.  The move array seem a bit more rounded out with longer combos, quick hits, and additional grab situations for certain characters.  I was loving Hayate moves, they wasted on Ein’s from Ultimate, and they are the same guy!  The additional characters such as Christie and Brad Wong kick major ass as well!  The expanded story and totally awesome cinemas put the icing on the cake as well, magnificent!

It is not all gravy though, the lack of online play, while back then was no big deal, today puts it behind Ultimate, also this game sorely lacks costumes, most characters have only 2, with a handfull to unlock.  There is also another small group that are available with DOA 3 Booster Pack (see old OXM demo disks, or unlock on DOAU) plus the Japanese intro video.  This game needed more costumes!  They are a DOA trademark!  DOA 3 also lacks additional game modes to really extended the playability of the title.

All said and done my advice is this, if you are going to play and live DOA 4, please giveDOA 3 a solid play thru, enjoy the story elements, the end movies, and move selection, and prepare for the real ultimate fighter,  Dead or Alive 4 !!!




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  1. Aaron says:

    i did know tina had an outfit like that i will play to see that little slut wearing that

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