Dead or Alive 4: Quote of the Week

Team Ninjatop man Tomonobu Itagaki has got to be the best interview in the gaming industry.  He never fails to grab you with his bold words and always has something surprising and important to say.  While reading this most current interview at TeamXBOX I coudn’t help but take notice at this gem:

On DOA 4 development… “I’ve already been abusing the alpha kits so much that I have destroyed five of them because it overheats being that I push them too far.”

Microsoft, GET THIS MAN THE TOOLS HE NEEDS, STAT!!!  Click on the link above to read the entire interview.  Check out the screenshots in the photo album above as well.  Let’s all hope that when the 360 launches that we will be taking home a copy of DOA4 that day as well!



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1 Response to Dead or Alive 4: Quote of the Week

  1. Aaron says:

    yeah like i need to get my ass wooped that bad on day one by the reversal brothers.

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