Mission Accomplished: Mass Effect 2 – The Arrival

Prelude to Mass Effect 3.



The Ultimate Sacrifice – Complete the Arrival DLC pack

Gamerscore = 50     Unlocked on 27/12/2011

With my Christmas holiday in full effect I am taking the time to play and complete games that I have not had time for before.  Mass Effect 2’s final DLC, The Arrival, arrived several months ago but I decided to put it on the backburner until closer to the release of Mass Effect 3, and with that game just a little over two months away there was certainly no time like the present.


While The Arrival was not the longest of Mass Effect 2 DLC chapters, it may be the one I enjoyed the most.  It had a little bit of everything including Batarians, stealth, combat, a great and unique setting, and a fantastic bridge to the upcoming Mass Effect 3!  It was great to wait to play because it has really got me interested once again in the Mass Effect universe.

One of the things Mass Effect does really well is for a narrow-path Action/RPG, it really makes you feel that you are interacting and exploring the vastness of space.  The Arrival does this really well by allowing you to look out the windows of the facility on the asteroid and see it and the asteroid around you.  When you activate the engines you see the planetoid begin its trajectory towards the relay, and during the final moments aboard the asteroid you can see the relay  in all its glory! 


Because The Arrival is so combat-heavy it did spotlight some glaring problems within the game’s combat, in particular the character’s movement and cover mechanic.  As it appears that ME3 is going even further in down the direction of combat I hope that they resolve some of these issues.

Mass Effect 2 was quite a ride, and it certainly did not end with the core game as it had plenty of excellent downloadable missions to enjoy, not the least of which was the aforementioned ‘The Arrival’.  But Mass Effect 2 is now completely completed and there is no looking back, the decisions have been made, now it is time for the final chapter in the trilogy, Mass Effect 3.

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2 Responses to Mission Accomplished: Mass Effect 2 – The Arrival

  1. I sadly, never picked up ME2, but will be doing a write up of ME3. I’m wondering if I can pick up ME3 and sort of know the story without touching ME2. I more than likely wont have any time to play a game like that until summer comes and school is (mostly) out for the summer. Good read ‘Ghost!

  2. SUPERGHOST says:

    Thx BD! From what I understand Bioware is making ME3, for better or worse, accesible to those who have never played the first two. Now I am not sure if this will come with some sort of recap or “…the story so far”, but I am sure you will be able to pickup and enjoy ME3 without to much issue or confusion. Now if you wanted to play ME2, you could probably burn through it in 20hrs or less, plus you can buy an add-on that skims through the events of ME1. Something to consider, just paly it on an easy skill level.

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