The Skyrim Weekly: A Night to Remember

Take a walk on the dark side…



Daedric Influence – Acquire a Daedric Artefact

Gamerscore = 10     Unlocked on 04/12/2011

I have had a pretty lengthy absence from Skyrim.  It has been over three weeks since the disc has been in my Xbox and I am about due to go back into that world.  Skyrim is a fantastic game, so fantastic that I need a pretty lengthy swath of time to play it or I don’t even bother.  As I have mentioned prior, it has been a pretty busy Christmas season so I have put it on the backburner for the moment.  Even with the holidays I have been on I have yet to find time for it.  But I think today will be the day.

Those who have followed my blog would see that I had posted many a blog regarding my Fallout experiences.  I love the Fallout games but I am thinking Skyrim needs that extra love and attention in this blog, hence The Skyrim Weekly.  Now while I may not post every week on y Skyrim adventures, any time I have something worth posting I will put it here.  As for this edition, it is about A Night to Remember.


A Night to Remember starts off with a drinking contest that goes awry.  After drinking a few mugs of a mysterious mead you discover that you were on a ‘Hangover-esque’ ride through the night causing mayhem over the countryside until you find yourself with no memory of the nights events after you awaken in a temple, far from where you started.


Over the course of the quest you are sent to either right wrongs or just even to piece together the events of the night.  Eventually you find your way to a mysterious nether-world where you find the instigator of these events is Sanguine, a Daedric Prince, who sent you on this wild goose chase for his own amusement.  Sanguine rewards you with a Daedric Artefact, The Sanguine Rose, which I am not sure what it even does yet.

This was a most unusual quest.  I quickly glazed over it, but it is best that you discover it for yourself.  Now it is back to Skyrim so I may have another Weekly out before long.

The Elder Scrolls Official Site | Skyrim



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