Game Room Retro Challenge: Warlords

Warlords…come out and play-e-ay!



I had not paid this game any attention in a long, long time.  In fact until a few weeks back I could not remember anything about the game except back to perhaps seeing an original arcade unit, or a Atari 2600 versions, even though there have been several modern iterations.  It wasn’t until a recent Giant Bomb video, Warlords Cash Game, which aired over American Thanksgiving that I gave this game any thought at all in the modern era.

During the above linked video various Giant Bomb and Whiskey Media staffers sat around a classic four-player cocktail table version of Warlords for cash.  Each player would put down a dollar and the last surviving castle would earn the cash.  The video was quite entertaining, and inspiring, because it made me seek out Warlords on my Xbox 360 console.


To my surprise, Warlords has a few different flavours available for those who are interested.  First of all the most basic version, at perhaps most true to the source can be found in the Game Room.  For 240 MS Points you can the original version complete with 4-player local versus.  Secondly you can purchase the XBLA update of the original Warlords which sports an updated version of the original as well as the classic board.  The game also has LIVE multiplayer support and achievements.  Lastly, and this one surprised me when I found it, was an all new version of Warlords that is apparently a reimagining of the original concept.  I really do not know much more about it, but it has got me a little curious about it.

I choose to purchase the Game Room version as it was the cheapest, and it also gave me another excuse to purchase a Game Room game.  It is of course a faithful recreation, except when it comes to control, but that is true for all the Warlords because without the classic paddle control there is something lost in translation.  I did take on my son in a game, but the computer wamped us both.

I may in the future check out the other versions in more detail, they look like fun, and if I can convince my friends to join me, who know where we will go from there!

Warlords –

Warlords (2011)




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