SUPERGHOST’s Games of 2011: The ‘Ghosties’: Part I

2011…There was no slowing down for Xbox 360 software!


It is the last day of 2011, so what better time to look back on the year that was and select the games that SUPERGHOST appreciated the most.  Today I will hand out the coveted ‘Ghosties’, my virtual-awards which I present to the games that I feel were the best of the best.  Now keep in mind these are ‘my’ favourite games of 2011, so it may veer widely from popular consensus, but this year I think my choices will be close to the popular mark.

This year will be a little different than last where I will pick an outright winner of the ‘Ghostie’  for Game of the Year.  That award will appear right at the end of Part II.  As for now enjoy Part I where I detail the first half of the 2011 Ghostie winners including the 2010 GotY for 2011!

The 2010 Game of the Year for 2011:


Fallout: New Vegas

GhostiesIt did take a while, but Fallout: New Vegas did grow on me.  It wasn’t love at first sight like Fallout 3, but it did become one of my all-time favourite RPGs in the process.  I don’t think there was a single game in 2011 that I played as much of as New Vegas, or even enjoyed as much.  That is why Fallout New Vegas get the Ghostie!

The Best of the Rest – Part I:

GhostiesAs in Highlander, there can be only one. But there were several other fantastic games that vied for 2011 Game of the Year.  In no particular order here are the games that had the most impact on my in the past year:



While perhaps not as competent as the Call of Duty’s or Battlefields this year, Homefront captured my attention with intriguing marketing, an excellent story, great gameplay, and a solid multiplayer experience.  What will become of the franchise is yet uncertain, but I suspect we have not heard the last of the Korean occupation of the USA.


F.E.A.R. 3

Another sorely underrated FPS that came out this year.  While FEAR’s convoluted story and setting drags this game through the muck, the game’s mechanics, atmosphere, co-op and multiplayer play really elevated it to something special.  Unfortunately not enough gamers took part in this game.  Hopefully the game will see some new life this holiday season as it out there for a reduced price.


DiRT 3

DiRT 3 was my first foray into this franchise and was suitably impressed by Codemasters take on the Rally racing franchise.  While I still long for an update of DICE’s Rallysport for the Xbox, DiRT 3 is the first Rally game since Rallysport 2 that has made me forget about that series.  Though I no longer own DiRT 3, I would consider re-acquiring just so I could complete its campaign.


L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire is a technological ,milestone in gaming for its use of expression capturing of real-life actors and translating them into the gaming world.  Taking that interrogation tech and placing it into a Rockstar open world game with the amazing retelling of 1940s Los Angeles and you have a serious contender for overall Game of the Year.  Unfortunately L.A. Noire ran headlong into my Rockstar curse where I am incapable of seeing a Rockstar game to completion (or even 50% through) has to hold this game to backup GotY status.  L.A. Noire would definitely take the award for most talked about game of the year for its tech, gameplay, and behind-the-scenes drama.

And that is it for Part I.  Check back tomorrow when I post the rest of The Best of the Rest, the GotY Runner-Up, and the grand champ itself.  Stay tuned!




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2 Responses to SUPERGHOST’s Games of 2011: The ‘Ghosties’: Part I

  1. Bucktitty says:

    QuickBuckShot’s Games of the Year.
    5.Dead Space 2
    4. Crysis 2
    3.Mortal Kombat
    2.portal 2
    1.Gears of War 3

  2. SUPERGHOST says:

    All great games…but you are missing a few key ones. 😉

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