Big Game Hunter: The Elder Scrolls III – Morrowind

Bethesda’s open worlds come to the consoles…



Hot on the heals of Skyrim I started to get a case of completionist fever.  I had a case of that earlier this year when I went out of my way to complete my Deus Ex console collection (which is presently incomplete as I traded away Human Revolution, but at least I have the hard to find ones).  After purchasing Skyrim I wanted to complete my Elder Scrolls console collection my purchasing Morrowind: Game of the Year Edition.  I already had a copy of Morrowind’s Platinum Hits edition, but that was without the additional chapters of Bloodmoon and Tribunal.  So to be complete I had to seek this version out.


With my Bethesda games, I also need to complete the collection with the game guides.  At a local used gaming store I was able to find The Morrowind Prophecies: Game of the Year Edition in excellent shape.  It is gently worn, but for my purposes it was just find.

Next I took to the internets to find a copy of the game.  I found a version of the original GotY edition, complete with map and manual, for a very reasonable price.  So now I feel complete with another game in my collection that I will likely never play.  At least it has a good home. 

Never minding Morrowind, I really need to get back on the Skyrim horse.  As I have mentioned before it has been a busy season, but with a week off ahead of me, I should get some quality time in my favourite province in Tamriel.

The Elder Scrolls Official Site | Morrowind



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