Achievement Spotlight: Angry Birds

Achieving on the go!



Split it! – Blue bird unlocked

Gamerscore = 5     Unlocked on 05/02/2012

birdsIf you are even a casual follower of gaming and its media, heck even if you are a follower of popular culture, you are probably aware of the sensation that is Angry Birds.  Even with the hundreds of millions of Angry Birds sold it was not until I got my Windows Phone 7 that I was able to literally get my hands on the phenomenon that is Angry Birds.  My impression is that it is bot too bad.  A decent puzzler with cute characters and acute challenges.  I will get some quality time out of this title over time of this I am sure.


While I am not going to tell anybody anything new about Angry Birds in this post, the significance of this achievement spotlight is that the featured achievement is the first one that I have earned via a mobile device, in particular, my new Windows Phone 7.

While I am far from the worlds most prolific mobile gamer (I have tried in the past with mixed results, mostly myself abandoning it in short order) the thrill of the achievement hunt should keep me coming back for more of this style of gaming.  I have already earned several achievements via this format, and will be featuring some more in a future post, so stay tuned.

For me, bite-sized gaming on the go on a device I will be carrying with me is more than enough to scratch that itch, and the promise of increasing my Gamerscore will definitely keep me coming back for more.  Pigs look out!  Angry Birds are coming through!

Angry Birds



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