Forza Impressions

Well I have finally had the oppotunity to plunk a few hours into Forza Motorsport and as we guessed, Forza lives up to the hype!  It is the premminent console racer and it has something for everyone!  Though I have barely scratched the surface of this monster, here are a few thoughts and observations that I have on the game:

  • Sim vs. Arcade: Even though this is no Burger King you can have it your way everyday!  Fans of the Project Gothem series can set the game for the full arcade experience.  With the assists on and the sim elements off, you can go toe to toe with your buds on LIVE or just face the adjustable A.I. of the XBOX, or even just agaist your self on a time trial.  With the Sim elements on, prepare for real world racing and consiquences that are just to crazy to believe!  There is something for very racer and every skill level pulled off like it has never been before.
  • LIVE: As good as I have ever seen! Eight racers over LIVE and lag nowhere to be found.  On top of all that the beauty of this game is not diminished.  Your fully customized cars come to life on the track to face off drivers from around the world.  Amazing!
  • Customization: Again you have it your way.  It is mind-boggling the level of customization one can put in there cars.  You will definatly feel like an owner and gugh with pride at your creation.  You can literaly spend more time in your garage then on the track.
  • Replays and Telemetry: The level of detail is amazing.  For those who have the desire to physically see just what affect the tweeks thy made in their car have on its performance have everything they need and then some.  A gearheads dream come true
  • The Look: This game looks as amazing as it plays!  You just need to see for yourself.  Another showcase title on the XBOX.

And that really is only the begining.  I have not even touched the Online career, the Driveatar, or really delved deaply into the car club.  You can definatly see that this game has unlimited potential and playability for any level of gaming and racing fan.  Don’t let this title pass you by.




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