XBOX 360: At the Show, Good to Go!

Well one thing I will say about the PS3 showing at E3, it got a lot of XBOX 360 followers a little edgy.  The good folks at Sony did there job by putting together some amazing ‘tech demos’ especially for GT5 and Killzone.  These games will be amazing and I have no doubt, but do not think for a second that Microsoft is gonna lag behind, they will be right up there and beyond, guarenteed! 

Some people have not been completly impressed by some of the 360’s titles at the show so far (Kameo for one), and yes stand these titles up to some supreme polished videos and you may second guess, well do not guess, here are some 360 facts:

  • Current software at the show is running on alpha kits, these games have not even touched the true system power…
  • …which we have only seen a fraction of
  • Final dev kits arrive this July…
  • …jaggies GONE, 60fps HERE
  • Will blow us away, will not break our bank
  • Hints at future expansions if neccessary

Now is not the time to waver my faithfull, the XBOX 360 will be the revolution you have waited for, it will deliver on its promises, and the games will blow our minds.  I cant wait to watch Gothem TV, quake before Quake IV, video chat with my buddies, battle it out wit 49 other gamers in Perfect Dark Zero, discover a Lost Odyssey, or just be a part of the biggest and best online gaming service on the planet!  But most of all I cant wait for the 360 to be released, as it will be a stunning example of next-generation greatness.  I may sound like a fan-boy hyping up a generaly unknown quantity, but I am not.  I simply believe that the above is true and have no reason to believe otherwise.  Exciting times!

– SG



I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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