XBOX 360: The Day After MTV

Well I am sure that we can have an overall concensus that last night’s MTV unveiling of the XBOX 360 was less than spectacular from a gamers standpoint.  I like as much as the next guy but they could of tossed that whole segment, well plus every other segment, celebrity viewing, general BS , etc and I would have been happy if they just showed 30 seconds of uninterupted gameplay.  Much of the game focus last night surrounded Perfect Dark Zero, unfortunatly in my opinion the showing lowered my expectations on the game.  I do fully believe that it will be a must have title for 360 when it is done, I just think they showed there cards too early in this case (remember the early build of Halo as an example).  I will not be to hard on the show as it is important step for the public perseption of gaming.  It is no longer by yourself in the basement with the lights off slaying your elf, rather it is a globel phenomenon that deserves big media attention.  For that I say bravo Microsoft!

The true action took place last night on the internet.  Spec breakdowns, 360 degree views of the hardware and contoler, screeshots (see my photo gallery), videos, LIVE news, etc.  It was a smorgasbord of gaming goodness and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, true gamers could have missed the entire MTV show, turned on their PC, and be blown away!  Once you got all the 360 news it was all good.

E3 will in the end give us the extensive news we crave on the games plus additional features, price, and so on and that is literaly right around the corner.  The only down side is that is 6 whole months till that bad boy is in your home.  Have lok at the links I have posted on my Blog for all the latest news, and it is smokin’!

– SG



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