Phantasy Star Portable 2

Prelude to PSO2?


Recently I acquired a Sony PlayStation Portable (or PSP) from my brother who was looking to ‘upgrade’ to a PSPgo.  Funny thing is on the day I purchased it the PlayStation Network went down, and with that any chance of me being able to download any games off their store.  As I have recently written, I have a immense passion for Phantasy Star Online.  I am always looking for ways to recapture that magic from 10 years ago (as I mentioned in my recent Too Human post).


With the PlayStation Network down for the foreseeable future, I wanted a UMD game just so I could make use of my PSP in some fashion. While checking I noticed Phantasy Star Portable 2 available for a mere $15!  I thought that was a good deal and also a potential online game I could play with my brother.  So yesterday I finally received the game, plugged it in, created a character…and now I wait.

I am a little nervous and daunted about returning to a Phantasy Star ‘online’ game.  am worried that perhaps so much time has passed that I may find it difficult to acclimate myself to the Phantasy Star universe once again.  But I did buy it, so I guess I should try it.  I should consider it a warm-up for the potential of playing a PSO game again.  Hopefully it does not take my PSO ‘phantasys’ and crap all over them.  I will let you know how it turns out!

SEGA :: GAMES :: Phantasy Star Portable 2



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