Memories of 9/11

When games didn’t matter…


Ten years ago today the world unequivocally changed forever.  I remember getting up in the morning and watching the events unfold.  I was on vacation at the time so It was just me and the TV all day.  I remember the sick feeling I had in the pit of my stomach.  Even today when I watched some of the videos from that time I could still feel my emotions stir and my stomach churn at those unbelievable events.  I was glued to the TV for 16 hours straight that day, not sure if their was another shoe to drop.  Unfortunately shoes of various shapes and sized have been dropping for 10 tears with no end in sight.  As I said earlier the world changed for us all that day, and as we remember and honour the victims and the heroes of that day, take a moment a look at the world around you…you may have forgotten, but you two are a victim of these events also as 9/11 was an end of innocence on a global scale.

As this is a gaming blog I have to bring this back a little bit and share my gaming memory of that time.  While you may think why would I talk about games in this post, read on and you will understand how my little story relates.


Pre Xbox, pre Xbox LIVE, I was a steady online console gamer.  I was heavily into the Dreamcast and a little online game called Alien Front Online.  AFO was the first console online experience that featured voice chat and I spent many an hour playing this game.  AFO was a fun little 3rd person arcade combat shooter which pitted Alien invaders versus Earth military in skirmishes around the globe.  As I remember this game now I would love to see an XBLA remake.  What was also cool was this game also featured leaderboards which were linked with the arcade version of the game!

Now let me bring this all together.  I was heavily into games at this time, playing nightly and enjoying my online gaming and chat sessions.  When 9/11 hit, I could not play games, not for several days.  I was so shocked and disturbed and my mind raced to make sense of the events that gaming just did not feel right.  I can’t remember at what point I checked, it might have been that day, but I went online with AFO to see what was happening there.  You could name your room back then and all were referencing to the attacks.  The only one I can kind of remember was about Osama and how he must die.  Well, I guess AFO called it because nearly 10 years later, he did.  It was an odd, emotional time, even for someone as far removed from the events as myself.


Though we often focus on the World Trade Centers regarding 9/11, we glaze over the other attack that day on Washington D.C.  I have my own opinions regarding the events surrounding that day.  What my opinions are do not matter, what matters is that people educate themselves, because The Truth, it sets you free.  Seek truth, remember the fallen, and live and love life.

9/11 Anniversary: Obama Thanks Harper For Canada’s Help



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