Expanding my Retro Game Empire

Haggar for Mayor!


As I have mentioned before, I am a sucker for sales.  I am also a retro-gamer.  I enjoy picking up or playing old-school games, be it for nostalgia, or just to see how things have changed since the formative days of video games.  Recent weeks have produced some great sales and as such I have once again grown my retro library with some significant titles.

Final Fight: Double Impact:  For me, this was a particularly great buy.  For 400 Microsoft Points I was not only able to add Final Fight to my collection but also the rare Magic Sword which is part of the Double Impact bundle.  Each game is complete with online play as well.  I wasn’t done there though…


Phantasy Star II: Perhaps the worst box art of all time!  I have a couple of other versions of Phantasy Star II, but none where I could earn 200 Gamerscore.  I downloaded this game at last week Sega sale.  I may need to chip away at this over time as I have always wanted to play the original Phantasy Star RPG’s.


Streets of Rage 2: Exactly the same here as Phantasy Star 2.  Multiple versions, achievements, and the recent Sega sale le me to earning this gem.

Not a bad haul and all for approximately $10.  Hopefully they don’t have too many sales as I tend to buy games faster than I can play them!

Capcom: Final Fight



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