My Retro Gaming Station

Back to BASICs.


I would best describe myself as a casual collector of retro gaming consoles and such.  Not so much going out of my way to acquire items, but rather to hang on to what I have had since my youth as best I can as the space in my home quickly gets smaller.  For the longest time, the bulk of my pre-2000s goods have been sitting boxed away, but I wanted the ability to access my old-skool games at any time, but without taking up a lot of space or becoming an eyesore.  While out shopping the other day I founded the smallest of computer desks on wheels, I thought that this is something I can work with.

So I purchased my desk (at a sizeable discount as it was the floor model and had some minor scuffs), I installed a power bar and a AV Switcher on it so I could flip between consoles with ease.  The desk as I said is on wheels so I can roll it in and out of a room at my leisure.  As for the consoles in question…here is what I have resurrected for my retro game station.


Commodore 64:  While it may not look like much, especially in this  day and age, the Commodore 64 was the computer/console that is most responsible for my gaming tastes and passion to this day.  Classic games like Montezuma’s Revenge (pictured above), the Ultima series of RPGs, LucasArts games like Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken, and the list goes own.  I wanted the opportunity to access these games with little muss or fuss.  Coupled with my 1802 monitor and 1541 disc drive, it is now once again possible!  This revival was in part inspired by Giant Bomb and the blog My Commodore Revival.


Sega Saturn:  Beloved by many, reviled by most, Sega Saturn can best be described as a failure in the West, and perhaps the East, but that does not take away the list of great games that appeared on the console and its impact on the gaming scene to this day.  After playing the recently released Sega Rally game on XBLA I thought we can do better…by going 15 years in the past!  Some of the best fighters, racers, and action games still have a home on the Sega Saturn.  Lara Croft and Duke Nukem made their home here for a while as well…and they are making a comeback this year too!  <Insert Sega Scream here>


Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES):  At the end of its life cycle I lucked into the updated Model 2 SNES for a song at a local retailer.  Around the same time a quickly amassed a fairly descent collection of games as well.  I don’t even know all that I got, but I did recently tweet that I had a copy of Castlevania IV that I forgot about.  Yoshi’s Island was one of my favourite games on this console, now I can go back and visit it and even show my kids as I think it is something they would really enjoy.

With my everyday Xbox 360 I am pretty maxed for time to play games, but in an emergency if I ever need to go back and pull one of these bad boys out and check out some crazy old game, it is just a plug-in away!

Commodore 64



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