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Phantasy Star Portable 2

Prelude to PSO2? Recently I acquired a Sony PlayStation Portable (or PSP) from my brother who was looking to ‘upgrade’ to a PSPgo.  Funny thing is on the day I purchased it the PlayStation Network went down, and with that … Continue reading

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Expanding my Retro Game Empire

Haggar for Mayor! As I have mentioned before, I am a sucker for sales.  I am also a retro-gamer.  I enjoy picking up or playing old-school games, be it for nostalgia, or just to see how things have changed since … Continue reading

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Phantasy Star Online 2

This may be my first ‘real’ PC game… Over the years of blogging I have on occasion professed my love for Phantasy Star Online.  First on the Dreamcast, then later on the Xbox, I put many a mile on my … Continue reading

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Virtua Tennis 4 Gets Kinected!

Are you a swinger! Virtua Tennis back in the Dreamcast days was the video game that made Tennis games.  Virtua Tennis’s revolutionary gameplay, graphics, and presentation caught the world by surprise.  I loved the first VT, but it seamed as … Continue reading

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SEGA Bass Fishing…Dreamcast Style!

Fish! With the release of the Dremcast Collection last week I have had all those classic Dreamcast games on my mind. I decided against keeping the collection at this time as I already own all of the games in the … Continue reading

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Xtra Points: Dreamcast Collection and Xperimentation

Some are winners, some are losers… Xtra Points, when I gather topics that do not warrant there own post, but when I need an avenue to Xpress my thoughts and opinions.  This edition I will briefly discuss the merits of … Continue reading

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Bizarre Creations, This is a Tribute! Part I: The Early Years

It was a great ride. The end of this week will mark a sad moment in video game history as legendary game developer, Bizarre Creations, shutters its doors.  Now we can play the blame game and accuse Activision of squandering … Continue reading

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