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Storm Warning of a New MechAssult

One small step for Mechs… Big shoes to fill. One of the first Xbox LIVE titles made available for the service at its launch was MechAssault.  Set in the BattleTech universe made popular by its pen-and-paper board games and series … Continue reading

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Kickstarting a Double Fine Adventure

The lords of Point-&-Click Adventures have returned! If you are a follower of gaming news and media one of the hottest stories out there right now is the runaway success that has been game studio Double Fine’s Kickstarter campaign to … Continue reading

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Ultima: Most Important Game Series Ever

Ahead of its time.  Influence still felt to this day. It is an extremely rare occasion on my blog when I will re-blog another writer’s work.  But when I saw and read Rowan Kaiser’s recent post on Joystiq regarding the … Continue reading

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SG’s High-Score Challenge Redux: Featuring Ms. Pac-man

The first lady of gaming! Perfect – Eat all ghosts four times within a stage! Gamerscore = 30     Unlocked on 1/11/2007 Nearly five years to the day I launched Round 4 of my series of XBLA High-Score Challenges via this … Continue reading

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Commodore 64 Turns 30

30 years old…Number 1 in your heart! Twitter tells me today that the Commodore 64 is celebrating its 30th anniversary of its 1982 release at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Today the Commodore 64 still has a … Continue reading

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Big Game Hunter: The Elder Scrolls III – Morrowind

Bethesda’s open worlds come to the consoles… Hot on the heals of Skyrim I started to get a case of completionist fever.  I had a case of that earlier this year when I went out of my way to complete … Continue reading

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Game Room Retro Challenge: Warlords

Warlords…come out and play-e-ay! I had not paid this game any attention in a long, long time.  In fact until a few weeks back I could not remember anything about the game except back to perhaps seeing an original arcade … Continue reading

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