Big Game Hunter: Castlevania – Curse of Darkness

Last generation’s foray into a 3D Castlevania.


curse of darkness boxart

Two things that I have redeveloped an interest for as of late.  I have started to once again acquire the occasional retro game, and as per my recent Lord of Shadows post, I have once again developed an interest in all things Castlevania.  I do plan to have more Castlevania in a future post, but for now I did want to mention that after a couple of false starts I was able to get my hands on Castlevania: Curse of Darkness for my Xbox.  Unfortunately Curse of Darkness is not backwards compatible, but I do still have the tools to play the game.

I was in the mood for hunting at my local second-hand game store when I did locate this game on a shelf away from the Xbox games which complicated my search.  The manual and disc were in excellent condition so I deemed this a great find.  They even had a copy of the game’s strategy guide, but due to price and condition I did not buy it, instead I bought an excellent condition Destroy All Humans! guide instead.


As for the game itself I did actually dust of my Xbox and give it a try.  After a fairly impressive, but overly dramatic, introduction the game jumped into your traditional Castlevania style action.  I guess I should preface that as a traditional Castlevania 3D experience as the game to this day is still heavily rooted in 2D gameplay.  My biggest problem during my quick test of the game was the camera controls.  Moving side-to-side was reversed and the game’s options appeared to give me no way to correct this.  Sometimes when you play the old games you are reminded that overall design still wasn’t completely there.  That is about all I can chalk that up to.

So I hope I do not get to much into acquiring the old games.  I was into that heavily once before and I do not want to get back full-on into that scene.  But when a game is under $10, it is hard to say no, and this one was.  As I mentioned before look for my upcoming post on my history with Castlevania in an upcoming post.

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness



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