SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week: Pinball FX 2 gets Paranormal

I want to believe…in pinball!

The truth is out there…

Supernatural PhenomenaSupernatural Phenomena – Starting a Multiball Phenomenon has been obtained on the Paranormal table     Gamerscore = 30     Unlocked on 26/10/2011

It is a pleasure to take a break from the zombie apocalypse and write about some Paranormal activity…that is Pinball FX 2’s new pinball board, Paranormal.  Two of the great things about the arrival of Paranormal is that it is free (for at least this week), and the other great thing is that it has arrived just in time for Halloween!

As a youth I really appreciated the pinball machine, and still do today.  In fact my favourite machine from my youth was Gottlieb’s Haunted House pinball table.  The Paranormal and Nightmare tables of Pinball FX remind me of that table and that time in my life so appreciate them being there and are great fun to play.  But enough of memory lane, I would like to discuss this Paranormal table in further detail.


The Paranormal table from what I can gather is inspired by such shows as Kolchak: The Night Stalker and the X-Files with all sorts of paranormal themes and games scattered throughout the board.  The game even gets into the paranormal action with pinballs that mysteriously float through the air and perhaps the first vertical table where you have to play up the back of the pinball machine which is a giant haunted house!  The board plays awesome and gives the gamer plenty to do.  There is a lot of wonderful touched on the board, for instance there is the Jersey Devil and the Loch Ness Monster animated and bigger than life.  Those are the most apparent, nut there is much more to explore on the table.

Playing this board makes me realise I need to invest more heavily into the Pinball FX 2 model.  I have several boards to play which were ported over from the original Pinball FX (of which I purchased all the boards), but I never did purchase the base Pinball FX 2 game.  After playing Paranormal, I think I need to make amends and purchase the Pinball FX 2 family of boards!  Nobody makes video pinball better than Zen Studios.

Zen Studios




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One Response to SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week: Pinball FX 2 gets Paranormal

  1. Sean Newman says:

    mhm i agree the best pinball next to the actual machines

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