SG’s High-Score Challenge Redux: Featuring Ms. Pac-man

The first lady of gaming!



Perfect – Eat all ghosts four times within a stage!

Gamerscore = 30     Unlocked on 1/11/2007

Nearly five years to the day I launched Round 4 of my series of XBLA High-Score Challenges via this blog which featured Ms. Pac-man.   After a few weeks of the challenge being open, my cousin, the infamous Coktoe had the top score with a massive tally of 73,320!  While there are a lot of existing scores in place I would like to issue another challenge.  SG’s High-Score Challenge is back, and I challenge you to top your existing High-Score or to set a brand new one!

Ms PacMan

I did put my money where my mouth was and started playing Ms. Pac-Man again this week.  I was able to slightly better my score by bringing it up to a fair 33,780.  That score is good for 17,086 in the world. 

If you accept this challenge, please leave a comment with your score.  Can you top my 33,780?  I would like to see you try! Winking smile  I will do a conclusion post for this challenge sometime in February.  If I get some (any) uptake on this I will set up another future challenge.   Competing for High-Scores is almost becoming a lost art.  It is time to bring it back!




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