Favourite Intro: Amped 3

Blinded by the light!

Pink is the new black!

Snowbird bound!Snowbird bound! – Finish Act I of the story to unlock the Snowbird resort  Gamerscore = 70   Acquired on 04/03/2006

Several months ago on Giant Bomb I was watching them play Amped 3 as well as their look back on all the crazy cut scenes in the game.  While the cut scenes are amazing, what blew me away was literally the first 5 minutes of the game itself.

you are win

How can you beat a game that starts off with a send up of 80s video games, “Blinded by the Light” by Manfred Man, a pink bunny, and scrap booking?  The answer is you can’t, Amped 3 truly stands alone when it comes to presentation and cut scenes.  My only wish is that it played a little more like Amped 2, or even aped its multiplayer.  I guess to play Amped 2, you have to play Amped 2.

Clearly it has been a while since I seriously played Amped 3 (see by the date of the achievement), but I did once again acquire the game, in case I ever want to once again hit the slopes!

Amped 3 – Xbox.com




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