Mission Accomplished: Enslaved – Odyssey to the West

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Coming off the high of completing Portal 2, you would think that other stories would feel like a let down afterword.  Well that certainly is not the case for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.  I finally was able to complete the game after a marathon session last night.  Why it took so long is my wife and son were watching me play this game from start to finish, and with parenting and bed time, it was hard to find a time when we could all sit and enjoy the game together.  Hence the game sat for the last three months waiting to be completed.  Sometimes it felt that my journey to complete this game was like Monkey’s and Trip’s travels West.

enslaved combat

I loved Enslaved’s vision of a post apocalyptic future after man’s war with machines was a delightful change from other gaming wastelands I explored.  I was really left with a sense of wonder to what tragedy befell the Earth.  Nature began to take back what man and machine destroyed.

Another element of Enslaved I really enjoyed was the combat.  While not overly complex, it was extremely satisfying, especially when you got to experience the various finishers that Monkey would unleash on his foes.  The enemy mechs are decently varied and present a decent challenge for the gamer.

The most important elements for me is the incredible story and the amazing character models.  These two go hand in hand to create one of my favourite gaming experiences of all time!  I really became invested in Monkey and Trip and I think it was because of the amazing performances of the actor who played the parts.  Much is made of L.A. Noire, and I realize that is in-game and amazing, but these characters in this game should be mentioned in the same breath as them.  They are that good.


I realize at this point I am rambling and gushing, but I am tired and trying to get this out to all y’all.  I will leave you with this: Enslaved is a great gaming experience that takes story and character and puts them first and builds a universe and game mechanics to accommodate those performances.  The result is a singular experience that tugs at the heartstrings as well as providing a satisfying game experience.  The game is exceedingly cheap to purchase now, do not let yourself be left out of this one.

Enslaved | Official Site | The Odyssey begins October 8th | home




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